Gareth Southgate

Fri 13 Jul 2018

Sports news: England Coach Gareth Southgate has commented on the upcoming match for third place world Cup 2018.

The head coach of the England squad Gareth Southgate has shared his expectations from the upcoming match for third place on the 2018 world Cup with Belgium, which will take place July 14 in St. Petersburg.

“Social networks are much discussed episode when after the second goal of Croats, Rashford and Lingard during the celebration ran to score a goal. I think they didn’t know the rules. The whole subject is that one player must be on the field, nobody was particularly well-known. We have not discussed. Of course, we all checked out after the game. When we celebrate, such a rule does not exist. I don’t know why players did that.

The last few days have been difficult. We were 20 minutes away from the final of the world Cup, and during extra time 10. We came here to achieve the big goal . It was emotionally hard after the semi-finals, but our players are just incredible. They want to finish the tournament on a high note. We owe it to our people. We have set ourselves a certain level, you want to keep a high standard before the end of the world Cup. All the players trained today and want to play. Maybe the composition is not the same as usual. Some people do not feel very well, so it may be a few substitutions. We are motivated, Belgium, we already won in Russia.

I think we’ll be back in the top 10 FIFA after this tournament. We are here to improve your game. From the us to the 2018 world Cup, a lot was expected, and if we want to play for this team, we have to meet those expectations. Players attributed the performance for the national team with a sense of satisfaction. This is a positive thing.

I have had the opportunity to go home, I saw firsthand that it is. I went back and told the lads what an incredible support. As for homecoming and the parade, I’d be happy if we came to accept 300 thousand fans. But it will not. Hopefully, next time we will take place and fans will be proud of us,” — reports the words of Southgate, the correspondent of “Championship” Daria Tuboltseva.