Didier Deschamps



Sports news: head coach of France Didier Deschamps commented on the victory over Belgium (1:0) in the semifinals of the 2018 world Cup.

“I have seen pictures of what is happening in France, but don’t get ahead of ourselves. The most important match we have on Sunday. Two years ago at the Euros, we had a lot of pain. Then we wanted to make people happy, but failed. I hope that in the final we will deliver to our fans more fun than last time.

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We spent 49 days together. Someone could believe that we will reach the world Cup finals? No! But now we have time to rest, to recover, to meet with families who came to support us. Tomorrow we’ll see the match, which will determine our opponent. And we will prepare. Everything must be done correctly, and not like two years ago.

If I tell about the victory of France 1998 world Cup to the current team? Never conduct such comparisons. Now another time as I can with them talking about the players 20-year, 10-year-old? I am here to write my story. I don’t look to the past – so you won’t get far ahead”, – quotes the expert championship.

Recall that the final of the 2018 world Cup will be held on Sunday, July 15, in Moscow. The opponents of the French national team will be determined today in the semi-final meeting between England and Croatia.