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Didier Deschamps


Sports news: head coach of France Didier Deschamps shared his impressions from the victory of his team at the world Cup in 2018.

“I have a very young team. 14 players discovered the world Cup. But the quality was with them. For me a huge source of pride for this team is how they were able to achieve the right attitude to this tournament. I always repeated: never give up, never give.

Had flaws, and today we did everything right, but we had the right mentality, which was the decisive factor in this tournament. In the first half of the finals we didn’t come out, but we led 2:1. Of course, in such cases, the question arises: France – nice champion? Well, we are world Champions and be on top of the world the next four years. This is what you need to remember”, – quotes the French official website of FIFA.

Recall that France became world champion, beating Croatia with the account 4:2 .