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Czech biathlete Ondrej moravec said that the international biathlon Union (IBU) not enough hard fighting doping in Russia

The international biathlon Union (IBU) his extreme loyalty towards the Russian biathletes suspected of use of illegal drugs. In an interview with said the world champion 2015 in the mixed relay Czech Ondrej moravec.

According to him, the IBU needs to take an example from the International Federation of ski (FIS), was removed from participation in the competition six Russian skiers . Regards, Alexey Petukhov, Evgenia Shapovalova, Maxim Vylegzhanin, Alexander passenger cars, Eugenia Belova and Julia Ivanova.

“Of course, the IBU is doing something in terms of anti-doping, but this is not enough. The organization is too loyal to Russia and its doping issues. To take the example of the International Federation of ski sports (FIS) which has been suspended titled offenders, such as Legkov and Vylegzhanin. IBU should be more strongly to fight against doping,” said moravec.