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MIRNY (Yakutia) on 22 may. /TASS/. The administration of the Mirny district (Sakha Republic) has developed turboslut on the history of “diamond way”, which includes the natural Park “Living diamonds of Yakutia”, Holy Trinity Church, the Museum of Kimberlites them. D. I. Savrasov, quarry “Mir”, and other attractions in the diamond region. Also the Yakutsk authorities want tourists to discover the Arctic deposits of diamonds, creating a new termsrate, told TASS in the administration of the Mirny district.

According to the head of area Rishat Yuzmuhametov, a tourist destination is still unknown, the page that must be opened in the history of the national centre of diamond production. He hoped that the new turboslut will be popular among tourists who are infrequent visitors while in the Peace .

In the footsteps of the pioneers of the Yakut diamonds

“The hallmark of the city Mirny is the entrance sign that is installed with the stele in honor of the participants of the haul vehicles. With it tourists begin acquaintance with the tourist potential of the diamond capital of Russia – informally referred to as the peace”, – said Yuzmuhametov.

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According to local residents, in 1957 it was necessary in winter to overtake trucks. The drivers laid 200 km of new road, which to this day have not been preserved, only the stele is the symbol of the heroic work of truck drivers. On it is engraved the names of the characters.

Also in the new turboslut entered the recreation area “Vilyui ring”, which is a monument to the geologist pioneers. In the center of the ring on the hill is a bronze sculpture group “the Musher and geologists”. One of the geologists, depicted in bronze, this is Larissa Popugaeva that found the diamonds in the territory of modern Peace. Popugaeva goes for a musher – guide, who sits astride a deer.

Near the sculpture group “the Musher and geologists,” there are high dominance in the form of “toyon Serge” (master’s hitching post) – a woman bathing in the rays of the Yakut of the sun, which symbolizes the eternal and the world tree of AAL-Luuk Mas (Tree of life). This complex represents the past, present and future. Monuments, related to the reindeer herding, in the Peace not, as it is an industrial area, and for traditional Yakut view of the economic here is not well developed.

A visit to the musk oxen

One of the attractions of the Mirny district, according to Yuzmuhametov, is a natural Park in which territory live “live diamonds” Yakutia – the musk oxen. “A distinctive feature of the musk oxen is a thick coat that allows you to survive the terrible winter frost. The natural Park is located 11 km North-West of the Peace on the watershed of the rivers Coolaler and Chellah”, – said the Agency interlocutor.

The Park is a long corridor with fenced off enclosures. Animals can be fed. For example, musk oxen are very fond of cabbage. Also in the natural Park are bison, Yakutian horse is a native breed, bred by the national breeding and moose.

“Turboslut “Diamond way” also includes the attractions of Peace. For example, St Trinity Cathedral, which was built on the initiative of AK “ALROSA”, – said the head of the Mirny district.

According to Mirny clergy of the Cathedral, one of the most important stages of the design of the temple – the creation of the ensemble of icons with images of saints of colored and semiprecious stones on the columns. “For the first time in Russia was established icons, combining mixed media mosaics: Florentine and Russian mosaic inlay”, – stressed in the temple.

Diamond deposits for tourists

“We want to focus on the development of industrial tourism. We are trying to get into the Federal target program. Unfortunately, this fails due to the fact that the number of enterprises modal, and 15 years entry to us was limited,” said Yuzmuhametov.

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According to him, local authorities want tourists to discover the Arctic diamond deposits. “It is difficult to show tourists the nine quarries, where the diamonds are mined, due to the harsh climate and difficult logistics, but all problems can be solved, and we are working on it,” he said.

Mirninskiy district located in the Western part of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) and is considered to be Russia’s center of diamond mining. The diamond mining fields of the Mirny area is approximately 14% of world production. The level of development of industrial, engineering, transport and social infrastructure the district is one of the leading places in the Republic. The volume of industrial production is about 81.2% of the total amount of goods and services in the area.

Here located Mirny, Ihalo-Udachny mining and Srednebotuobinskoye nodes, basic specializations of which are the mining of diamonds, oil, natural gas, electricity generation and production of building materials. On the territory of Western Yakutia formed in the fuel and energy complex, which includes an Autonomous power supply system with back-up sources of heat, oil and gas complex consisting of objects of extraction and transportation of natural gas, crude oil.