Photo: the Kid from the Philippines became the youngest victim of the virus in the world

Newborn from Batangas city died from sepsis caused by COVID. The boy lived only 29 days.

In the Philippines zafiksovane the death of the youngest person on the planet from the coronavirus, a victim of the infection was the child. lived 29 days since birth, reports the Daily Mail.

According to the Minister of health of the Philippines Maria Rosario Vergere, 14 April the boy was having problems breathing, after which he was urgently hospitalized.

In the hospital the child was tested for coronavirus, the result was positive. Newborn from Batangas city died from sepsis caused by the infection.

Note that the Philippines was one of the first countries in the region, which has imposed a quarantine. Strict isolation measures introduced after 5 days after 7 March, it was discovered the first transmission of the virus within the country.

As reported recently in the United States from COVID-19 died the first baby. We are talking about a kid from Chicago, who was not yet informed.

Previously, the Reporter wrote that children have a more mild symptoms of the coronavirus, and the mortality rate among the younger generation are extremely rare.

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