The new restrictive measures Washington against Moscow suggest the opposition in the lending, financial or technical assistance by international financial institutions, reports “Russian Dialogue” with reference to RIA “Novosti”.

The document notes that the American side will be able to prevent it through their representatives in the International monetary Fund, the world Bank, the European Bank for reconstruction and development and others.

Also, US banks can not provide loans to the government. Exceptions are only those cases where loans are for the purchase of food or agricultural products.

In the Administration of U.S. President said that the second package of sanctions on the “case Skrypalia” is introduced due to the fact that the Russian side did not provide at the request of Washington guarantees in the sphere of non-proliferation of chemical weapons.

The Ministry of foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation was not surprised the new US sanctions and noted that the Russian economy is already adapted to such pressure from the American authorities.