In the United States prepared a second package of sanctions against Russia in the case Skrobala, but the new measures have not yet
approved. As told in the state Department, the decision on their introduction will be made
after checking with the “Russian strategy” that guides the White house. At
to experts, the mention of new sanctions against Moscow appeared on the background
visit Secretary Mike Pompeo in Russia and were intended to prevent to establish
relations with Moscow.

The United States has issued
the second package of sanctions against Russia in connection with the case Skrobala. Appropriate
documents sent to the Secretary of state and the President of the United States.

The sanctions have not yet
introduced. As stated in the state Department, the final decision on this matter will be
made on the basis of a common “Russian strategy”, which was
the White house administration.

“We had
analysis of sanctions, prepared them and sent to the Secretary of state and the President. Can
to say that it (the decision on sanctions. — RT) — part of a broader Russian
strategy,” said Deputy U.S. Secretary Andrea Thompson.

She mentioned
sanctions during his speech at the hearings in the Senate Committee on foreign
the act of Congress of the United States. Thompson recalled that the first package of sanctions against Russia
in the case Skrobala was introduced in August 2018 in accordance with US law
the control of chemical and biological weapons and prohibiting its military
application of 1991.

The mention of the new
the package of anti-Russian sanctions appeared on the background of the meeting of the President of Russia
Vladimir Putin and Secretary Mike Pompeo, said the Deputy Director
National Institute of modern ideology development Igor Shatrov.

the establishment of the United States tries to keep trump in the framework
anti-Russian policy. Even if the objective circumstances and contribute
push to ensure that Russia and the United States has established relations, not Trump
make”, — the expert said in an interview with RT.

He added that
the activity of these forces increased as the trump “crossed the equator” your
presidential term and began a new campaign.

“Now all
the actions of the opponents trump is already polling antithrombosis
campaign, that is, Trump does not allow to prove the effectiveness of the first term
his presidency, that he was not able again to occupy the Oval
office”, — the expert believes.

In his opinion,
progress in Russian-American relations immediately accompanied by movement in
the opposite direction. Tents noted that a similar dynamics was observed
before meeting Putin with trump in Helsinki, and later, when negotiations
leaders could take place in the G20 meeting.

“I think
now, despite the assumption that the meeting in Osaka for the next
“twenty” trump and Putin’s probable opponents trump will do anything for
so this meeting did not take place”, — concluded the expert.

Sanctions in the case

Recall that in March
2018 former GRU officer Sergei Skripal and his daughter Julia found on
bench in the British city of Salisbury is unconscious. They were hospitalized.

Skrypali suffered from the effects of nerve gas “Newbie”
(A-234). Britain called the incident an assassination attempt and blamed
for it on Russia, without providing evidence of questionable

the party had maintained his innocence to the events in Salisbury and encouraged
to conduct an independent investigation. In response, the UK has provoked
a diplomatic scandal, in which a number of foreign countries
expelled Russian diplomats.

authorities also blamed the incident on Russia in early August 2018
announced the first package of sanctions is confined to the case Skrobala. As
then said in Washington, D.C., approved measures to affect the “supply of all
sensitive goods and technologies for national security”.

the Embassy said that the American side has not presented any
facts or evidence of the use by Moscow of toxic substances against
Yulia and Sergei Skripal.

The Embassy
noted that Washington refused to answer specific questions and give
any explanations and merely stated that the US has “enough information to
to make a conclusion about the guilt of Russia”.

Approved USA
the order meant that Russia’s refusal to present proof of his
of innocence within three months will apply even more stringent
limitations. According to the state Department, the following sanctions can affect 70%
the Russian economy and damage of several hundred million dollars.

the U.S. side stated that it carefully weighs the introduction of the second stage
sanctions, since we are talking about draconian measures.

According to the Professor
Department of political science of the Financial University under the government of Russia
Of Prokhor tebin, may statement of US point to a few existing

“This means
firstly, the sanctions are really in the preparation, it is also
possible. Variant other — they are, but they are just put under the carpet. Or their
there are no”, — the expert believes.

In his opinion,
The United States is not interested in the “promotion” of the situation around Skrobala.

“President Trump
Pompeo sent to carry on with Putin in a dialogue about the dialogue to start
to build mutually beneficial relationships where it is needed Trump. He was in
stalled on a number of fronts, he needs Russian help, or at least
neutrality on the part of the Russian Federation”, — the expert continued.

If this
situations Washington put up against Moscow new sanctions for “frankly
far-fetched stories about Skrypalia”, questions may arise.

“As this situation
will be perceived in Moscow? As another proof of the absolute
contractual engagements of the American President”, — concluded mirzan.