Photo: The Verge Lenses have the smallest and densest display ever created

The invention having more than one hundred patents, and will help visually impaired people. Smart lenses will determine when you need more information.

A new startup in Silicon valley Mojo Vision created the world’s first smart contact lens with augmented reality. Lenses have a built-in display and provide night vision, reports The Verge.

The development of lenses Mojo is worth 10 years of research, variety development and over 100 patents. Today, the company is actively testing his clever invention.

The lens screen will be visible only to the person who wears it. If the user looks away, it appears several mini-screens that you can activate, if you hold eyes on them.

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The developers claim that in this way you can “nesmotrel” relevant and necessary information: transit schedules, to-do list, messages.

“The technology is smart: it determines when you need more information, and when enough of the real world around you,” – said General Director of the Mojo Vision drew Perkins.

He added that the concept has the smallest and densest display ever created, with a resolution of 2,000,000 pixels per inch.

Lens Mojo is equipped with revolutionary technology. Lenses have the smallest and dense dynamic display ever created, the most energy efficient in the world image sensor.

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The gadget is provided with motion sensors to track the eyes and the device, providing a reliable wireless radio.

In Mojo Vision also hope that their concept will be suitable for visually impaired people.

Charge the battery will last all day. Charge lenses using a patented induction system with disinfection at night.

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