65-year-old singer was unable to accurately count the number of men she’s had relationships over the years.

“This is a complex issue, there were as many as drops in the sea” – told the assumption. She added that at all does not regret about that experience. Assumption believes that a woman should not themselves anything to deny. If she wants to change men, to do it.

In the 90-ies of the last century, the assumption was often visited restaurants with a tarnished reputation. There were frequent shootouts, during one of them the singer was almost killed.

According to the singer, after one day of birth, literally, before her eyes shot six people. Assumption saw the bodies in the snow.

“There was a struggle for power groups — Guards is also shot. I have not got… Guess ill were aiming for,” recalls the star.

It is worth noting that assumption even now, trying to look youth and sexy. Recently, she stunned fans with a photo in tight jeans.