The us defense Department released video of an airstrike by coalition aircraft controlled by ISIS within Iraq, the result of which was destroyed several leaders of the Islamist, one of which allegedly has Russian roots.

Coalition aircraft carried out air strikes on militant positions “Islamic state” (banned in Russia as a terrorist organization – ed.) on March 10, however, the video verification of a successful attack American side have been given only ten days later, according to “Russian conversation”.

A few days earlier, the defense Ministry of Iraq said that the air strike killed several senior leaders of ISIS, and all the dead terrorists are immigrants from foreign countries. The Department stated that one of the liquidated militants allegedly has Russian origin .

As previously reported, “Russian conversation” aviation coalition is assisting the armed forces of Iraq in the attack on Mosul – Iraq “capital” of ISIS that Baghdad is trying to take control since October last year.

From the beginning of 2017, Iraqi forces together with Kurdish Peshmerga conducted several successful operations, pushing the militants out of several areas of the city.