The head of state spoke about the U.S. attempt to deceive Russia in the issue of the INF Treaty. Putin said that the Americans had actually breached the missile contract that out, somehow blaming the Russian Federation, reports the Russian Dialogue.

According to the Russian leader, the fact that the United States after announcing his withdrawal from the INF Treaty very quickly experienced forbidden by the same Treaty the missile suggests that the American side has long been working on it. Putin believes that Washington carried out the preparatory work for several years.

In an argument, he pointed to the impossibility of the decision of tasks of such level for a few months. The President also accused the US in search of a pretext for withdrawing from the INF Treaty.

Recall, Putin promised mirrored response from Russia to the test by the us military banned the INF Treaty missile, which was held in mid-August.

Earlier, Putin has strictly warned the United States on their land-based missiles, and explained Washington of the possible consequences.