Security Council Meeting
UN on Syria reached its peak of absurdity on September 19. First Germany together
with Belgium and Kuwait proposed a draft resolution, which dealt with the
the ceasefire in Idlib
from noon on 21 September, but Russia and China voted against it. The idea of Saturday
as the start date of the armistice had been rejected, in return, those who blocked, asked to vote for the document with the earlier start date of the armistice –
midnight September 20.

According to the Russian Dialogue, whether out of revenge, whether for other unknown
reasons, but the congregation refused to support them more useful to the world in
Idlib offer Russia and China. If the opponents of the draft resolution and was
other ideas, that he already expressed. Russia’s Ambassador to the UN, Vasily Nebenzia it put out
himself, and he in the hearts of the called meeting of a kind “show”

“If it
what they wanted, then they succeeded,” he admitted.

Earlier, on August 31
USA dare to bomb
peaceful villages in Idlib, which led to sets of dead civilians.
Russia is not going to let it slide.

Recall, September 5
his statement was made in the defense Ministry, saying,
there are no Russian military in the village of Dzhuryn in Idlib were killed, it’s even
and it was not.