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News of show business:Slimming for the lazy, which you can use to obtain toned body is Pilates.

In the mass consciousness of the weight loss always involves overcoming a number of obstacles. This struggle with appetite, and exhausting physical exercise, and counting calories. But losing weight with Pilates is always gentle.

The best way to convince all who consider Pilates exercises for lazy — a personal example of the founder of this direction of Joseph Pilates. In his 87 years, he continued to teach, and not sitting on a strict diet, could boast a raised body. And if not for the fire in his Studio – the instructor died trying to save expensive equipment, Pilates had all the chances to become the most athletic survivor .

“Pilates is a sport, not only for pregnant and regenerate the form after a trauma, – says Elena Soghomonyan, leading methodologist of school of training of trainers Bodycontrology, coach AnySports. The biggest advantage of Pilates is the ability to adapt it to any format. If you are familiar with the principles of the movement, if you know how to breathe properly, how to stabilize the scapula in the exercises, where necessary, with training you will be all wet.”

So get toned slim body and get rid of extra pounds, doing only Pilates and even as possible. But for maximum results, you need to understand the features of this method of weight loss. So…

1. Patience, only patience

“The result depends on at what stage of development the method you are. Circuit training Pilates allows you to burn up to 400 calories per hour, – says Elena Soghomonyan. – Due to the special small equipment such as rings, balls, ribbons, rolls, etc., there is a study of all muscle groups. But in order to go to intensive training, it is necessary to master database. It is impossible to master a foreign language without knowing the alphabet. Also with Pilates”. So if you never before tried this sport, do not try to skip over the introductory part. “If you don’t know the law or Pilates, do not work correctly with the breath, the intense exercise will be ineffective,” — says Elena Soghomonyan.

2. Breathing is everything

The ability to breathe correctly has a beneficial effect on our overall well-being — improves blood circulation in the body, and his cells are saturated with oxygen. “With proper breathing begin to quickly disintegrate fats, accelerates metabolism and better worked out all the muscles, – says Elena. – Exercises should be performed at an average heart rate to the breath does not get off”. A good example of a study of the press by means of breathing exercise “the Hundred”. When executed, the exhalation is done with effort and is intermittent, breaking into five approaches, which allows better control of the work of the abdominal muscles, particularly internal intercostals muscles. Also, in five methods, is the breath but the focus is transferred to the work of external intercostal muscles. Each time the appropriate muscles contract a little harder.

3. Moderation in all things

“Pilates changes the attitude not only to their own body but to life in General, – says Elena Soghomonyan. – Learning better to feel your body, control it, to concentrate on own sensations, you will notice changes in your taste preferences. You will not want to overeat, and sugar cravings will decrease. Because you will be more anxious to treat their own body.” By the way, the original Pilates is not accidentally called contrology — the purpose of Joseph Pilates was to create a system in which people simultaneously controls the thoughts, muscles, and whole body.

4. Perseverance

“The first results can be felt after the first class, – says Elena Soghomonyan. In any case, at the level of sensations. You’ll have tightened your muscles”. But the real effects will be still later – after about 10 sessions. They were tangible, you have to do it at least 4-5 times a week. But for the duration of the training, in the case of Pilates, it is enough, and 45 minutes. The main thing is to give preference to intensive training.

5. A special kind of load

What in Pilates is completely absent of the power load is very misleading. Again, during intense workouts with the participation of the special equipment she has. But the main slimming effect is achieved at the expense of another. “In Pilates, we perform exercises in a special stato-dynamic mode, – says Elena Soghomonyan. — On the one hand, we hold the muscle in a static mode, on the other hand, the parallel is the dynamic operation with the involvement of either the same muscle or others.” This mode allows you to thoroughly explore all the muscles.

Getting rid of excess weight with Pilates is a thoughtful process, requiring full involvement that cannot be dealt with hurriedly and irregularly. But he excludes the violence that helps to avoid disruptions in nutrition or persistent unwillingness to engage in any sport.