EKATERINBURG, December 19. /TASS/. Three of the regional operator for the processing of municipal solid waste (MSW) from 1 July 2018 to earn in the Sverdlovsk region, their launch will contribute to reducing harm to the environment from illegal dumping. This was reported on Tuesday in the Ural center of TASS at a round table on issues of waste management, the Minister of energy and housing and communal services of the region Nikolay Smirnov.

“From 1 July 2018 on the territory of Sverdlovsk region will earn three regional operator who will be engaged in the collection and processing of municipal solid wastes. The new system will allow to prevent the emergence of unauthorized dumps. And if you find [illegal dumping], the elimination rests with the regional operator followed by the laying of the monetary compensation to those who created it,” – said Smirnov .

Earlier it was reported that on 14 December in the district Khimmash in Yekaterinburg lit up an unauthorized dump on an area of 1 thousand square meters. The fire was liquidated on the morning of 15 December, in the days following the emergency smoldering debris.

“We have already sent a request to law enforcement bodies with the request to bring to criminal responsibility those who, in their opinion, guilty in this situation,” – said on Monday, TASS, the Minister of natural resources and ecology of Sverdlovsk region Alexey Kuznetsov.

According to experts, illegal dump sites in the middle Urals often appear in rural areas due to the fact that the residents are not accustomed to and can’t take out the trash at authorized landfills because of their remoteness.

“Out of the blue develops a spontaneous dump, then to start to dump the waste sometimes an industrial enterprise. All this (result of the decomposition of municipal solid wastes) end up on our table through the food chain,” said Deputy head of the Department of land surveillance of the Rosselkhoznadzor administration for the region Claudia Shcherbakov.

“The region was 406 facilities and waste disposal. In 66% of the objects is unknown who is responsible for the operation of a place of waste disposal, 88% of facilities not assessed the hydrogeological conditions, 60% documents are not decorated accordingly. As a result, in the state register of waste disposal, which will also work with regional operators, included 34 facilities that are now operating in the region”, – said the Deputy head of the regional Department of Rospotrebnadzor.

Technology recycling

According to participated in a round table of experts for the elimination of unauthorized dumps, in addition to establishing regional operators, it is necessary to introduce new technologies for processing and recycling.

In particular, Deputy General Director of “Uralotel” which is engaged in manufacturing screening lines, Vladimir Stepanov offers before reclamation landfill to sort debris accumulated there.

“Lead the waste to the sorting plant is costly, therefore we propose to use a mobile sorting systems to sort in place. Extracted useful fractions: plastic, metal and others, then sold, and the money goes to restoration”, – said Stepanov.

CEO of battery recycling “Megapolisresurs” Volodymyr Matsyuk notes that one can get sufficient amount of nutrients, in particular zinc, manganese, iron and graphite.

The Director of the Ekaterinburg branch of the company “Ekostroyresurs”, which deals with utilization and recycling of MSW, Dennis Striganov believes that home plumbing is required to install garbage grinders to the drain, it was possible to wash away organic waste.

Director of the company for the manufacture of plastic products “Uraltermoplast” Andrey Sazonov is the sort of garbage has proposed to introduce a more modern technology.

“In Warsaw, for example, the factory recycles 80-90% of waste, although they are not sorted, and in garbage sites are containers for separate collection, but they are filled with all kinds of garbage,” he said.

Garbage can be incinerated, but this method is harmful to the environment.

“If you put cleaning on waste incineration plants, it will be very expensive, and, ultimately, will pay for it’s population. And enterprises under the law you can build 3-4 km from the houses, and no one to pull the heating duct at such a distance will not” – said the Minister of energy and utilities Sverdlovsk oblast Nikolay Smirnov.