The incident happened in Mazanovskomu the district of the Amur region. Three domestic truck fell through the ice at the mouth of the Selemdzha river. It is known that in vehicles at the time of flooding there were four persons.

The cause of the incident was the appearance of thawed patches.

Rescuers say the incident happened in the night. Then the drivers of heavy vehicles are unable to see where the ice has melted, and fell into the water.

“The night is not visible, where the ice, where the water, somewhere over, somewhere the water is already beginning to go beyond the ice, thawed patches appeared, it happened late last night. “Ural” more likely “dove” on the roof in the water, the machines are already out, people managed to escape,” — noted in the regional emergencies Ministry. At 01:05 local time all drivers were taken to shore. They did not seek medical help .

Note, “Russian conversation” already wrote that in the Leningrad region three fishermen, who were on the sledges, suddenly fell through the ice. Then managed to save all men. One of them received serious injuries.