Vladimir Parfenovich
Photo: TASS

What a strange situation turns out.

Famous coach and three-time Olympic champion Uladzimir Parfyanovich work recently at the sports Academy in Mosty, Grodno region, although this was part of the coaching staffs of the national teams of Russia and Poland, according to radio Racyja.

“Our sports school works as before, nothing has changed. We have the same “greatest doctor” of the country believes that the situation with coronavirus threat. They say nothing, pretend to be sick, tractor in the village to treat you. And we have, in the Bridges, the water of the Neman treats. Therefore, children are trained still, there was no order to send them home,” says Uladzimir Parfyanovich.

The question was whether the order of the Ministry of sports to suspend competitions for children, the coach answered:

“If I’m not mistaken, a month children’s competition is canceled, but everything else remains-study is ongoing training too. Sports camp, which will be also has not been canceled.

What a strange situation turns out. In all countries where cases of coronavirus, the border is closed, schools and kindergartens too, and only we have the silence. Government ordered quarantine should not exist, and the problem as though disappeared. They say, in this swamp all is quiet.”