Bari Alibasov with fear
remembers that he felt being in a hospital bed between life
and death. After the first conversation with Andrei Malakhov, who came to him in
guests, it became clear that Bari Karimovich still having difficulty when trying to think of relatives

When the Studio program “Direct
live” appeared ex-wife
producer Victoria Alibasov, who did not want a divorce and to change the name,
the presenter showed the second part of the interview, in which he asked the head of the group
“On-on” about how, if he remembers that he was in a coma.

“In that coma I was in. They
me beat, hands shaking. They drove oxen, and gave me to turn.
I was tied up and back. And beat as grass, this
hard, but traces of it left. Their task was to torture me to such an extent,
I didn’t say anything”, – said the producer.

Earlier Alibasov said that he was afraid
for your life
because of the information possessed.