Restrictive measures against Russia for most of their productivity needs to maintain and allies of the United States, said Secretary of state Rex Tillerson, answering the question about the possibility of strengthening sanctions against Russia.

“Sanctions are a very useful tool. Unilateral sanctions are not as effective as multilateral. If we think about additional sanctions, one of the challenges for which I take responsibility, is how I can collect the rest of the allies (U.S. – if) and say, “You must answer (the actions of the country against which sanctions are imposed – if) in the same way”, if sanctions are an effective means of push,” he said on Wednesday at hearings in the House of representatives of the United States.

“We can take unilateral action, but if we take them alone and we get little support from other (countries – Interfax), they (sanctions – Interfax) will be somewhat incomplete,” he said .