Producer label Black Star live in luxury Turkish hotel Rixos Sungate. According to rumors, it was here that he indulged in passions with Reshetovaa while in Dominican Republic it was waited by the pregnant Alena Shishkova – old love affair.

In Instagram Timati posted a video in which he boasted masterful control of the surfboard.

“On the way to a massage,” he signed the movie.

Fans speculated on why Timothy went to Turkey without his beloved. But many agreed that Reshetova afraid of flights, so as before giving birth remained a matter of weeks, as she herself said not so long ago.

In the comments fans left various comments, for the most part – not without trolling.

“You tied a towel so that it does not fall? I have forever falls”;

“Everyone is so easy to move in life as Timan on the Board”;

“Just smiled in the morning! Can Insta today no longer watch – best post”;

“Russian life hack for how to steal from a hotel Bathrobe with a towel, taking the service”.