September 30, the 100th anniversary of the birth of the founder of the Taganka Theater Yuri Lyubimov will begin to receive visitors virtual office outstanding Director. On the eve of the visit of the mayor of Moscow Sergey Sobyanin and journalists.

Throughout 2017 in Moscow and Yaroslavl, the birthplace of Yuri Lyubimov, held events in his memory. In the Museum of Moscow hosts the exhibition “Lyubimov and time”. And on the eve of the anniversary hosted an international scientific conference at the Russian state library of arts on the theme “Yuri Lyubimov. Theatre of life.” September 30, at the Bolshoi theatre will pass a concert “Dedication Lyubimov”, which will be preceded by the presentation of the 3rd annual “Public prize of Yuri Lyubimov”, established in the year 2015.

When Lyubimov returned to Moscow in 1988, after a five-year exile, he opened the doors of its theater for the students and all of their colleagues . We, the students of GITIS, forgetting about lessons, looked at him. Lyubimov then put “Small tragedies” by Pushkin, but was not only a process, but talked about life and art, essential things, so much so that the head went around. For many it is the lasting memories for a lifetime. Lyubimov appeared at rehearsals and even during the performance with the same flashlight. Like the conductor ran them actors. Many is irritated. Now in the virtual office on Taganka to see Yuri Petrovich with his legendary flashlight. So, viewers have the opportunity not only to visit on memorial study Lyubimova (it will also be available) with the famous inscriptions on the walls where he was working and living with the latest technology the second study.

The Director of the Taganka Theater Irina Apeksimova on the eve told “MK” that will happen on 30 September, the day of the 100th anniversary from the birthday of Yuri Lyubimov.

– For the anniversary you had a reconstruction of the Cabinet of Yuri Lyubimov?

– No restoration! The theatre was renovated, at which time we restored the Cabinet, a special ventilation system to maintain a certain climate control, resulted in the order of the wall. They discovered several layers. Some autographs at the time were covered, they were new. Restorers cleaned everything I could.

Those things and objects that are in the office, newly collected or were there during the life of Yuri Petrovich?

– There is exactly what happened in March of 2015, when we entered the building. Judging by the photos, all items, what you see here today, are in place. Of course, in the life of Yuri Petrovich hung his portrait. As soon as I became Director of the theatre, and showed me the office, I saw that this wall was clearly something else. Behind the portrait was visible burnt traces. What was hanging there, to find is impossible. A portrait of Yuri Lyubimov, we decided to leave.

– That there is no replenishment of other items was not?

– No. Around the office of Yuri Petrovich and his name is so much idle talk, so I try no to not allow, do not allow a finger to touch their existing items.

– I will come to you, the audience, before a visit to the office. Interesting what will they see?

– I think the most interesting is the autographs on the wall. So we did what’s called a virtual office in the main foyer of the theatre. Created a special exhibition, part of the autographs come alive. Something tells Yuri Petrovich. They say people who have left autographs. Of course, not all. All find e impossible. We have identified some of the heroes of the Italian playwright Tonino Guerra, scientist Kapitsa and others. The visitor will encounter the illusion of presence in a real office.

To see it will only the spectators who came to the show? Will there be a separate tour?

– A bit later we will conduct the excursion, after the jubilee. But they can be a maximum of seven people. You can see that the Cabinet small.

– What day will be September 30th?

– We invite jurukov and Directors of the Moscow theaters, all those to whom it is important and interesting to show a restored Cabinet of Yuri Petrovich, his virtual office in the lobby. All together now remember this man. 500 lucky people who will have time to buy tickets on the ruble, fall in the evening at the play “the Good person of Szechwan”, which began with the story of the Taganka theater. Another 500 people who do not have time to do it, for the same ruble will be able to see the panel, reflecting almost the entire history of theatre.

– Someone had a great idea to organize your virtual office?

– I can’t even name a specific name. We thought long and hard how to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Yuri Petrovich. He in his time was a man of the avant-garde, been doing this all wrong. And we decided to put the usual stands, costumes from old plays – it’s yesterday. Need something avant-garde, in the spirit of Yuri Petrovich. So came the idea to make a virtual office. In normal times, it’s just white walls. But there are 40 projectors that transform them into the office Lyubimov.