In people, the Thursday of Holy week is called “pure.” In 2020 it falls on April 16.

People believe that water in this day has healing properties, so pay special attention to bathing, supposedly it along with prayer helps to preserve health for a year.

On Maundy Thursday in the worship mentioned four important events from the Savior’s life: the last supper, the washing of the disciples feet as a sign of deep humility and love toward them, prayer in the garden of Gethsemane, betrayal of Judas.

Came to the temple stand with candles, which traditionally tend not to put out to return home. Then a candle is to save: it is believed will help protect the house from fire during the year.

Thursday to Clean the house needs to be cleaned. Housewives hung in the house towels, adorned the walls with colorful embroidery. Candle, borne by the evening of Church, burned a cross on the lintel over the entrance to the house. Passionate candle store to the next Passion Thursday.