It’s time to stand up for yourself.

A blogger from Vitebsk Elena Janushkowsky made an emotional appeal to Belarusians. In my video, she commented on the decline of public transport in Vitebsk region on the background of the pandemic:

“You all there, comrades, is a brain in there? What are you doing? Vitebsk is the site of a contamination. I don’t know what’s going on, if a psychiatric hospital converted into a of people infected with coronavirus. You are telling us stories that we’re good and gone into decline. How does this fit together?”

Also Elena Janushkowsky commented on Lukashenka’s decision to return children to school:

“How can this be? We have that children do not get sick? Children do not die, no? And what will we do then when our children start to die?! We will tear you to pieces. Get ready, my dear. Parents, in any case do not release children in school, it’s a big risk for you and the older generation. Think it is wrong.

Lukashenko voiced the truth, that we have children in the village are starving. He covers his decision, which is stupid, the fact that children in the countryside have nothing to eat. Like, even though once in school to eat. People like to take it? Yes, there is a need to beat the alarm. Yes, there vzashey it should be, is it to be endured? Get the world and drive Lukashenko and his henchmen out. My dear, come on, it’s time to stand up for yourself”.