On this day, it is better to disable radio and television, especially Russia.

May 9 it is better to go away the city, to turn off the radio and TV. Especially Russian. Victory day has long ceased to be a Day of Victory, and turned into something so much propaganda that disappeared the very essence of the holiday on may 9.

Veterans of the Second world war, who could tell the truth about the war, is almost gone. The celebration of may 9 began to organize people who have a vague idea about the war, but compete with each other, who is wearing a large St. George ribbon.

Victory day from memorial day became a day of propaganda. Well, at least that Belarus has not allowed the action “Immortal regiment”. Indeed, sometimes it seems that the members of this regiment are portraits not of their relatives and some complete strangers to them. And if you ask, whose portraits they bear, the answer did not hear.

And it’s not just in those portraits: let Mickey mouse go. And the fact that the action “Immortal regiment” is more of a propaganda event than event memory. The parties to such shares, with the portrait of an unknown military to go, what with a portrait of Vladimir Putin – the same thing.

The main thing is to show their belonging to the great and powerful, they put St. George’s ribbon on his chest and hanging on a car the sticker “Thank you grandpa for victory!”.

It is better to help former prisoners of concentration camps, which is not the big pension. However, this propaganda story will not do.

Yulia Sivets, Radio Racyja