The Ukrainian side believes that to provide security for possible future local elections in ORDA needs of the national police of Ukraine to the OSCE monitoring, as prescribed in the Minsk agreements of the so-called “people’s militia” can be created only elected on legitimate elections of local authorities, said the representative of Ukraine in the political subgroup of the Trilateral contact group Alexey Reznikov.

“The issue of security discussing today. Our vision is that it must be a division of the National police of Ukraine with the ability to provide monitoring and additional mandate of the OSCE, which has such potential”, – he said in the program “the Right to Vlad” on TV channel “1+1”.

Reznikov pointed out that if you read the law on local self-government in ORDO, which is now called the law on the special status of Donbass, from 2 nd to 9 th article it does not work, because in article 10 of that law clearly States, when it comes into force. “That is, after the elections in ORDO”, – he reminded.

He also noted that the law on local self-government in ORDO, including, the possibility that is completely rewritten from the Minsk agreements, “create “people’s militia units”, as named in the text, but they must be created by the newly elected local councils”.

Speaking about the return of Ukrainian control over the border, Reznikov said that according to the Minsk agreements to start the capture by Ukraine control of border with Russia in the Donbass begins the day after the election and ends after the so-called “comprehensive settlement of the conflict”, though the latter concept is not decrypted.

“It is clear that the conduct of the elections, when the border length of about 420 km is not controlled, I personally can not imagine. Therefore, at each meeting in Minsk the first thing I and we begin that, let’s create a fifth working group, the framework of the TKG it is for taking Ukraine under the control of the border. Our border guards and customs officers began to communicate with Russian border guards and customs officers on how to do it,” he explained.

Reznikov also agree with the opinion that you need to “upgrade” the Minsk agreement. “If we really will have to “channel” the meeting raised the question of what we are moving to a world no problems of modernization of the Minsk agreements. Because time has passed, they wrote in 2014,” he said.