Roman Tsymbalyuk

Russian passports for the occupied Donbas? Nothing unusual has happened.

Russia prepares trite stolen. Doing this is not the first time. A similar operation five years ago was held in the Crimea. In this case, “or” added 13 thousand dead. The Kremlin do not care about the citizens of Ukraine in the occupation of the occupied part of Donetsk and Lugansk regions has long turned into a ghetto. Here is the Russian dictatorship that automatically denies people the right to vote. For the disaffected will always be a place “in the basement”. Here not a free Ukraine, where you can tell the authorities “I do not like it”. About this the author writes on the website .

This case solved another problem: Moscow is taking another step, if necessary, to justify an operation to “force Ukraine to peace.” Because now there are not just the insurgent “miners and tractor drivers”, and the citizens of Russia. Further, South Ossetian scenario and transformation of “atamatov” the Russian invaders with a flag on the form. To leave the Donbass Russia was not going and not going.

Of course, in Russia the legalization of the occupation explain humanitarian considerations, the protection of “Russian speakers”. Someone will explain this as revenge Putin for the fact that the occupied Donbas and Ukrainian diplomatic missions on the territory of the Russian Federation was not polling stations. To doubt that the “gods PR” will explain all right, is not necessary, saying “the Kiev authorities” deprived of 6 million citizens of Ukraine the right to vote. Already said the voice of Putin, Viktor Medvedchuk.

The decision by Russian passports for IDLO prepared for a long time. Wrote about this Russian media, this issue was commented on by the Kremlin, but it remained unclear just when it will officially launch. First, it was assumed that electoral victory “absolute evil” of Petro Poroshenko, the Kremlin will respond passports. And in the case of the triumph of Vladimir Zelensky question will be put on pause so the new head of state could show itself. Suddenly he’s not a “Russophobe”?

However, Vladimir Alexandrovich before the inauguration convince Putin that it “does not cook porridge”, as in fact, with Poroshenko. What audacity: Zelensky dared to say that he was against special status for ORDO, against Amnesty for militants and intends to “information war” for the minds of Ukrainians in the occupation. For the Kremlin, President-elect of Ukraine, unable to take office, “has got corrupted”.

The representatives of Russia will continue to repeat the mantra of no alternative to the Minsk agreements, “Ukrainian domestic conflict.” Goal one: first, to swing the topic, and in the meantime to find the answer to the main question: “how to remove Ukraine from the political map of the world.” The name of the President of our country in this case does not matter.

Roman Tsymbalyuk, UNIAN