In Odessa region at night burned lower Dniester national nature Park, there were no casualties, said Director of the natural Park “Tuzlovsky limans” Ivan Ruse.

“At 18:10 there was a simultaneous ignition in 8 points reeds in the protected area of the lower Dniester national Park”, – said I. Rusev on his page on the social network Facebook.

In his opinion, is a deliberate arson of protected areas in the Dniester region.

“Heading in the direction of Odessa, I’m a highway Odessa-Reni noticed the fire first in the area of the North shore of the Dniester estuary. You can get there only by boat. After passing through the two border post, I noticed two fire national Park in area of Belyayevka”, – he wrote

I. Rusev noted that at this time in the conservation of the Dniester flowing many migratory birds, so the fire is a disaster for the local living creatures.

“In remote areas to extinguish it almost nothing. Only hope the rain soon may put out the fire . The Chairman of RSA a week ago promised to demolish the illegal structures on the protected lands of the Dniester, maybe his plan is already in action,” he wrote.

On Saturday morning I. Rusev, the TV channel “112.Ukraine” told that the fire in the fire place did not go, as ground-based extinguishing agents over there can’t get.

“At 11 o’clock the rain started and by 3:00 a.m. the fire completely extinguished. There are no victims”, – he said.

I. Rusev also said that he personally watched as eight points at the same time the fire occurred, which then from-for a strong wind developed into one fire. “I think it was the intent of the fire, because in this Park is very poor control, and in order to effectively hunt, poachers and hunters are preparing their own area for hunting,” he said.

Official message from the State emergency service not currently received.