The national guard




Security officials say the region you want to undermine, but these attempts are doomed.

In the South of Odessa region strengthen the power block: there is a patrol police earned, additionally came to service four hundred national guardsmen . They will act jointly with the border guards and the military, according to TSN.

In the Central square of Ishmael in the Department passed new police SUVs. The service in the city I take 25 patrol, and about a hundred cops will prepare until the end of the year.

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“Employees will be out of your cities. We recruit, test, train in Odessa, after that they come to serve here,” explained the chief of Department of patrol police of Ukraine Evgeny Zhukov.

Advanced moves and nearly five hundred national guardsmen.

“Given the complexity of the situation, the segment of Russia’s presence in Transnistria, do not quite understand the politics of other countries that border on us, we should have here, the power structure, which, together with other will provide the order,” – said the commander of the National guard of Ukraine Yuriy Alleru.

SBU is looking for the missing in Donetsk journalist Vasina

Now the main combat unit in the region remain guards. Created the commandant of the rapid response, able to defend any border. Unit gpsu quite combative.

Veterans of the anti-terrorist operation held the feast of the Cossacks of Zaporizhzhya Sich on Corticectomy fully

“And small arms, there are mortars, anti-aircraft guns and heavy machine guns”, – said the head of the press service of Izmail border detachment Igor Perignac.

To behind the border guards were reliable rear, head of the interior Ministry Arsen Avakov reports to the families of green berets the keys to nine apartments.

“To destabilize the region we will not allow. What we allow and what we will contribute is the development of the region”, – assured the Minister.

Earlier, the Ministry of foreign Affairs of Ukraine condemned the use of the Bulgarian national minority to destabilize the situation in the South of Odessa region.