Oleg Vinnik



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News of show business: the Idol of millions of Ukrainians on 31 July celebrates 45 years.

Famous Ukrainian singer Oleg Vinnik, which boasts multi-million army of fans, today celebrates the anniversary. The artist is the 45th anniversary.

Children fall asleep to his song, women faint, and men burning with jealousy.

Singer Oleg Vinnik, artist famous hit about the “young wolf” and “Nino”, a mesmerizing voice and charisma. Jealous of its popularity, even the most popular artists.

Oleg Vinnik was born in the village of Cherkasy region Recruitment July 31, 1973. High school he graduated from in the village of Krasnyi Kut in the nearby area. Since childhood Oleg took an active part in the school performances, showing a great talent for singing. A future star in the childhood learned to play the electric guitar .

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After leaving school the young man entered the choirmaster Department of the Kaniv College of culture. Then Oleg was lucky the teachers, seeing the gift, was persuaded to change course and do the vocals. In those years Oleg Vinnik has first appeared on stage as a guitarist in the local group.

After studying the first place was the Cherkasy Philharmonic for 20 years, gifted young man became its soloist.

Oleg focused on vocals, perfecting his skills. It becomes a landmark meeting with the American vocal coach John Lehman, who admired the talent of the young singer. During the two years of study in Hamburg Oleg honing their skills and using authoritative music teacher, takes possession of the new vocal range of lyric-dramatic tenor.

Vocal range Oleg greatly expanded and performed various stage roles, he easily sings tenor, and baritone.