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Youth day


Youth day – national celebration of young people in the country, which is celebrated in Ukraine annually on the last Sunday of June.

Every year on the last Sunday of June Ukraine celebrates the Day of youth. It’s a celebration of people aged 18 to 35 years. According to statistics, in our country it is more than 22% of the population.

You are a young person, open views,

And bright thoughts, And vivid dreams.

Let everything be great, as necessary,

You are the pride and hope of the country!

To meet, to love, to learn, to marry

And in their chosen field to achieve success,

From timid steps to high steps

Leave your mark in a chain of generations.

Let the fates and plans come true,

Doors will open wherever you go.

Though not afraid of obstacles, fogs.

You are the power. Viva young people!

Youth — a great time!

Laughter, joy, parting, meeting.. .

Kisses from night to morning,

And Dating in a cafe, in the evening…

The most beautiful days

What remains in the soul forever!

Take care of your youth days

Because it is, alas, not infinite!

And today, a great holiday!

How not heard? Well, give.

After all, today marks

Today our young people.

Wish only success.

Home to not bored,

And fun this holiday

You with friends to celebrate.

So everything in life was nice,

All jobs — on-five.

And any disputes in life,

Only a smile to solve.

Youth day in Ukraine 2017: cool greetings, accreditati fully

You live while you’re young

And the fire burns in the soul.

The age in the passport is not a reason

On the nose to wear pince-nez.

It’s a beautiful day of youth

This holiday yours and mine.

I wish prosperity,

To live with a young soul.

In the soul we are young always,

Youth day is a holiday for all!

And people in the city — full,

All the joy, fun!

Thank you, youth you

About happiness — this pozdravom!

For all the dreams in Genesis!

Do not let old age on the doorstep!

We will be young forever,

Funny, cute, funny.

Are pleased to congratulate those who are young!

Great guy to call himself gave the reason.

For your victories, just in the way!

Yes, happiness, success you will soon find!

Dawn lovely to meet

Maybe the dawn hold.

It’s easier to love in the world

This is not to tell you.

Beautiful you life!

Works great!

Good luck to became familiar!

Today youth Day Ukrainedate fully

Young people are “buzzing” today,

Noting your holiday.

Take a walk and you’re in the glory,

If the heart of the young.

Let the desire be

To develop and create.

I want to be happy

To smile and love.

Let the young everywhere road

Great days to very much.

Healthy strength and friendship to you

The way, each chose for himself.

Native more. Sometimes

And it can often to relatives

Helped you in your business,

Excellent, skillfully done

To the top move you safely.

The risk that invigorated, forcing to go

Good luck and success on the long path!

Today we have fun,

And we need to enjoy it.

Today is a holiday of youth,

Besides, it is international.

And I hasten to congratulate,

All young people and I ask you.

Today and not to faint,

And young people a day not to forget.

But I can tell at this hour

I pozdravom write for you.

So were you always happy

And called you beloved.

Remember, I was young…

It lives in us now:

The vigor, freshness and enthusiasm

Do not throw over the fence.

We are all young at heart

Hey, fellow! I must admit,

What I want to note too

Day world youth!

Today in the smiles of happy faces —

Celebrating the suburbs, and the capital.

Youth day in the country walks,

Everyone each other’s wishes.

Everywhere celebrations, fun and laughter

There are so many different fun.

Let it be all in love

Even faster runs your blood.

You’re young, so today is your day!

I congratulate you with Day of youth.

I wish more great ideas

So their implementation was able to summarize,

Enough to force the optimism to fight

But life is always accompanied by success,

Even so unrestrained the sun was shining,

Yes, so as not shining, perhaps, for everyone!