As reported on Wednesday, August 7, “Russian conversation”
with reference to RT,
the Japanese foreign Ministry does not accept the protest of Russia on the South Kuril Islands.

The corresponding statement was made by the Secretary General of the Cabinet of Ministers
Of Japan, Yoshihide Suga, commenting on the protest note, sent to the Japanese authorities
Russian colleagues, reports the source.

“As for the protest note, we cannot accept these
protests. The Ambassador of Japan in Russia Kazuki once again stated the position of our
the state and explained that such an understanding from the Russian side
are unacceptable,” reads a statement by the Japanese official.

We will add that Russian diplomats sent to the Japanese protest
after the disturbances in the South Kuril Islands, the Japanese participants admitted visa-free
exchanges with the Islands.

Previously, “Russian Dialogue,” reported the angry
the reaction of Tokyo to the exercises by the Russian military, successfully concluded on
the territory of the Kuril Islands.

It was also reported about the high-profile prosecution of Japan in Russia.