Tomas Rosicky

Partners of Belarusian footballer has shared his thoughts about former teammate.

Tomas Rosicky, Mathieu Flamini, Francesc Fabregas spoke about his time with the Belarusian footballer Alexander Hleb at Arsenal, writes “Tribune”.

Rosicky: I remember very well how we met Arsenal. It was in the locker room during pre-season. And he said to me: “Greetings. Finally someone to hang out.

Our Quartet is a wonderful group of friends. I don’t know where it went, but the four of us (Flamini, Fabregas, Rosicky and Hleb) was called “Spice boys”.

Fabregas: Usually, when we won, we were in a restaurant in London. Once I learned from Flamini that Alex will not be joining us tonight to relax. We decided to come to his house without warning: jumped over the fence into the garden and entered the house. And we saw Alex in this moment sitting in a chair and something to drink. But just imagine: you’re drinking something and not expecting anyone, but someone comes into your house from the garden. Well, you’re likely to do so: “Oh, no.” Alex said quietly: “Brothers, I am okey”

Rosicky: the three of them – Fabregas, Flamini, Hleb – I kept them a little way, because they are a little wild. Or could be wild.

Fabregas: I was Once on the massage in Manchester. I think we played against Manchester city. I was still in the bus pulled down Alex’s pants and then he probably thought that I need to answer for it. Flamini, Rosicky and Alex came into my massage room. I was asleep at this time. They grabbed me and dragged me into the Elevator. Pressed the button of the floor where reception is. And took from me the one small towel. And Lehmann was in the Elevator at this point and said, “you Guys are crazy. What are you doing? There are people”. Yes, it was very fun. I took a Shoe at someone and cover them. I was very confused. I couldn’t sleep that night, but it was very fun. You know, we were young, and these stories seem a little crazy, but they are very Jolly still.

Flamini: one of your foursome has been the craziest? Gleb. Because he’s really funny. Always on the verge of a foul, and I’m there, but no. Alex is still more crazy.