The last working day of the current week was marked by two incidents in the administration of President during the meeting there Petro Poroshenko and Alexander Lukashenko, the election of a preventive measure for people’s Deputy Maxim Polyakov, as well as unrest in one of the courts of Odessa. The main events of Friday in our traditional summary.

The presidents of Ukraine and Belarus Poroshenko and Alexander Lukashenko met in Kyiv. She, however, did not go very smooth as expected – in up there was two incidents. In the first case, during the signing ceremony of bilateral documents were bare girl. The cries of “long live Belarus,” she was arrested by the state security service. The second incident happened with the head of the state border service of Ukraine Viktor Nazarenko – he lost consciousness. The officer received medical treatment and was hospitalized later.

As for the statements of the two presidents, they were traditional . The Belarusian leader reiterated that there was no threat from the state Ukraine should be expected, and stated that perfectly fulfills the requests Poroshenko, in particular, issues related to the situation in the Donbass. In turn the President of Ukraine announced telephone negotiations “channel four” on July 24, and also said that the Ukrainian-Belarusian border does not become a “border war.” Poroshenko also hopes that trade turnover with Belarus will grow to $ 5 billion., and confirms the readiness of Ukraine to supply electricity to the Republic.

In the Solomensky district court of the capital today held a hearing on the remand of the MP from NF Maxim Polyakov. Due to the fact that Parliament has not given consent for his arrest, the choice of judges was small. People’s Deputy a bond in the amount of 304 thousand UAH, in addition, Polyakov intend to wear an electronic bracelet. He also must surrender their passports. In SAP noted that he had filed a request to arrest the property Polyakov and his colleagues at the Parliament and a criminal case – Borislav Rosenblatt.

In the Odessa region today, “under the hand” got Shiryaevo district court. Under the building local residents staged a protest that turned violent. The building has broken Windows and doors, according to media reports, the site is the police. As specified, the protesters want to demand from one of the judges to make lawful decisions on several court proceedings or write a letter of resignation.

In the area of ATO last day again turned out to be extremely difficult for the Ukrainian military. Thursday in the Donbas killed 5 fighters, 4 more were injured. The headquarters of the ATO also told the details of yesterday’s attack of the militants near krasnogorovkaya. On Friday evening, the media reported that 7 soldiers were injured yesterday suffered as a result of a drunken quarrel. It happened in the area of Peski in the Donetsk region. During the conflict, used a grenade, the wounded sent to the hospital. Official information about the incident yet.

Weather in Ukraine next weekend will be hot, but in terms of precipitation is unstable, sometimes predicting rain and thunderstorms. Detailed forecast – click here. Note that the forecasters also warn of high fire danger.

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