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March 8


Don’t forget to greet your loved ones women this beautiful spring day!

My mother native,

I love you without end!

March 8 congratulations

Happiness I wish you.

Lots of light, kindness,

Dream fulfilled,

Joy for many years.

You better in the world!

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Granny my dear,

March 8, dear!

I’ll tell you love,

Better in the world not you.

I wish you happiness,

Let them go all night.

Beauty, love, warmth

You be healthy always!

Dear mom, on this wonderful spring day let me Express all my love, all my warmth, all the feelings for you. Sometimes, with the hustle and bustle in the cycle of days, we forget about the most valuable for parents. But in my heart forever settled your beautiful image: all my life I will remember the touch of your gentle hands and your own voice, that sang to me in childhood a quiet lullaby . Mom, this wonderful day, March 8, I wish you joy, so that your eyes shone only with happiness. Good, let it fill every cell of your soul and I will dwell in huge maternal heart. Happiness to you, because you deserve it. Happy birthday, dear!

My grandmother

8 times I shall kiss,

Tightly hug,

8 time will tell — Love!

March 8 — shout!

In the dance whirl,

Wish a sea of laughter,

Warmth, joy, success.

Be like the sun fun,

Bright, young, healthy,

The most tender and beloved

Grandma, be happy!

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Let the sun Shine for you,

In the soul flowers bloom.

Let them always come true

Cherished dreams.

Shine your smile

And be happy myself.

With International women’s day,

My own mother!


My grandmother, mother,

Dear, dear,

March 8 congratulations

The most beautiful.

You are my support in life,

My example, my reward,

To be always with you beside,

Nothing else!

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Mom, mommy, mother,

March 8 congratulations.

Let reigns in my soul, only happiness

Side are bad weather.

The closest thing

And beside me you forever.

Be healthy and loved,

And always unique.

With the holiday of spring, grandma.

Laughter, joy, kindness!

Whether, as before, the best most

And beautiful as always.

Let the smile never disappear

From the lips of the beautiful and relatives.

I wish you peace

And all other worldly goods.

Let the spring fill with light

And bright paint your life!

To the soul was warmed,

Vesna, mommy, smile!

Let cherished desire

Your come true soon,

You’re full of charm

And all the kinder and more familiar!

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My sweet mom

I congratulate and appreciate!

Let the smile Shine

And the person does not leave!

March 8, dear.

Be happy, dear!

You’ll never pain

And soul don’t get old.

With women’s day,I congratulate

Mom honey, you.

To be happy I wish

No pain you never.

Let the hardships will pass by,

Let work goes.

And come with me, mommy

We won’t quarrel.

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Favorite mommy congratulations

With the bright holiday of spring!

All my soul wish you

Love, health, happiness, beauty.

My dear, dear Mammy,

You spring flowers I’ll give

And to tell you I hasten

How hard much I love you!

Mommy, mother,

Happy spring!

Will let love

Days illuminated.

Smile more often,

Let the soul sing

And good luck in the house

Let him live forever!