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MOSCOW, March 4. /TASS/. The inability to ensure the safety of the team and spectators was the cause of the postponement of the tour of Russian singer Kristina Orbakaite in the cities of Ukraine for six months. A statement published on the official website of the singer in the social network Instagram.

“Because of the impossibility of ensuring the safety of my team and the audience at my sold-out concerts in Ukraine on the eve of the “Eurovision”, according to the organizers, the concerts are moved to the autumn,” wrote Aguilera.

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Publication of KRISTINA ORBAKAITE (@orbakaite_k) Mar 3 2017 12:03 PST

The singer said that tickets for her performance are valid, visitors will be able to take them to the point of purchase .

Earlier, the representative of the service ticket “Bonaparte-concert” TASS reported that the concerts Aguilera postponed in order to avoid possible provocations on the eve of the song contest “Eurovision” which will take place in may in Kiev. According to him, this “mutual decision” of the Ukrainian side and singer.

Concerts of Christina Aguilera in Kharkiv postponed from March 5 to September 25, in Kiev from March 6 to September 26, in the river (former Dnepropetrovsk – approx. TASS) from 7 March to 27 September, in Odesa from March 8 to September 28.

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Explaining his decision, the administration of the Palace of arts “Ukraine”, where the actress was supposed to perform on March 6, referred to the “General public outrage, which arises due to the possible concerts of artists whose creative work is associated” with Russia.

Earlier, the Ukrainian media reported that the radicals threaten to disrupt the concert tour, Christina Aguilera in Ukraine due to her performances in Sevastopol in June 2014.

So, the Odessa organization “Council of public security” addressed the security Service of Ukraine (SBU) with the corresponding request, and has informed that does not intend to prevent is scheduled for March 8 concert of Aguilera in the city. Similar statements were made by radicals and other cities, where they were scheduled performances of the actress.