Director, Moscow office of National tourism Organization of Korea (NOTCH) Kang Namgu


TASS, 9 July. From 9 to 12 July 2018 in Yekaterinburg is held the international industrial exhibition INNOPROM-2018: “Digital manufacturing”. The partner country of the event this year, South Korea has become one of the leading countries in the Asia-Pacific region in terms of economic development and trade turnover with Russia.

In June of this year, for the first time in 19 years, Russia with official visit was visited by the President of South Korea, moon Jae-In. Russian President Vladimir Putin during bilateral talks, said that South Korea is Russia’s priority partner in Asia. “The Republic of Korea is the highest priority our partner in Asia”, — said Putin .

In the framework of INNOPROM-2018 national Organization of tourism of Korea (NOD) in cooperation with the Korean cultural centre plans to talk in detail to attendees about the most interesting tourist programs and attractions of the Republic of Korea. To know South Korea better help and tasting of traditional dishes of this country, which will also be on the stand NOTCH.


National organization of tourism of Korea (NOTC) is a government organization under the Ministry of culture, sports and tourism of the Republic of Korea, which is aimed at attracting foreign tourists to the Republic of Korea. National Organization of Tourism of Korea was founded in 1962 to promote Korea as a tourist destination abroad. NOTCH has 32 branches in different countries and has 2 offices in Russia: in Moscow and in Vladivostok. In Moscow the representative office has been operating since 2001.

One of the most important aspects of interaction between Russia and South Korea is tourism. In recent years in this regard, there are positive developments: since the beginning of year the number of tourists to South Korea amounted to over 151 thousand people, which is 14 percent more than in 2017. In NOTCH predict that by the end of 2018, South Korea will visit more than 310 thousand of Russians (15% growth). In turn, according to Rostourism, in 2017 the Russian Federation was visited by more than 260 thousand South Korean citizens, 62% more than in 2016.

Director, Moscow office of National tourism Organization of Korea (NOTCH) Kang Namgu connects such indicators, first and foremost, a visa-free regime between our countries, introduced in 2014. This regime allowed tourists from Russia to stay up to 60 days in the territory of Korea and Vice-versa. In addition, Kang Namgu emphasizes that “Korea is one of the safest countries in the world, and cultural center of Asia”, and this, in turn, makes it more attractive to tourists. “In recent years, a convergence between the two Nations. The current Korean government’s efforts for peace on the Korean Peninsula, and aims to strengthen friendly relations with Russia,” adds Kang Namgu.

During participation in INNOPROM-2018 NOTCH represents the various tourist destinations in South Korea. From the capital of Seoul, which for over 600 years, is a center of concentration of the most important historical sites included in the UNESCO list, as well as cultural, political and economic center of the Republic of Korea, to the unique natural reserve of Jeju island. “The unique Oriental culture, sea, mountains, loads of fun. Words can’t describe it, you definitely need to visit these places,” says Kang Namgu.

Director of Moscow representative office NOTC particularly mentioned that Korea provides excellent opportunities for business tourism, and Seoul is firmly in place in the top ten best cities in the world for conferences and congresses. Thanks to the active work NOTCH with tour operators, travel to Korea become more accessible and more convenient.

A separate direction of tourism is an emerging medical tourism in South Korea. “In our country there are lots of diversified medical centers with the most modern equipment, where you can diagnose and treat any health problems” – said the Director of the Moscow representative office NOTCH. “I firmly believe that the number of tourists between Russia and Korea will continue to grow,” stressed Kang Namgu.

About Innoprom

International industrial exhibition INNOPROM is held annually in Yekaterinburg since 2010. In 2012, the Russian Government has awarded the main industrial, trade and export platform in Russia’s Federal status. In the EXHIBITION take part more than 600 companies from 105 countries. For 4 days INNOPROM-2017, the exhibition was visited by over 50,000 visitors, over 60% of them – professional audience. The exhibition brings together all the world leaders industry. Their national pavilions are Italy, Germany, India, Japan, etc. countries. In 2017 in the framework of INNOPROM was first launched buyer’s national program for the development of industrial exports IndEx. The programme in Yekaterinburg came 200 delegates – professional purchasers of industrial products.

The organizer of the EXHIBITION is the Ministry of industry and trade of the Russian Federation. Operator – the company “Business Event” (, a member of the Group of companies “Formika” (