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MURMANSK, may 14. /TASS/. Tourist and recreational cluster “the white sea” will be built in the coming years in the southern part of the Murmansk region near the unique natural and archeological monuments. Currently signed agreements with investors on construction of objects of tourist infrastructure total 1 billion rubles, told TASS Deputy Governor of the region Yevgeny Nikora.

“Tourism and recreation cluster “Belomorye” is created in the southern part of Murmansk region, on the territory of the Kandalaksha and Tersky districts, we form it for more than a year. At the moment, confirmed investments of private investors for the construction of objects of tourist infrastructure of more than 1 billion rubles has signed agreements for ten projects. In General, it is predicted that this cluster will invest about 2 billion in private investment . The project is also proposed in the now created by the Federal target program “Development of domestic and inbound tourism in Russia (2019-2025 years)”, – said the Agency interlocutor.

In particular, agreements for the reconstruction of an existing hotel complex “the white sea” and the hotel “Aurora” on the building a year-round sport and tourist complex “Mountain Small Curtaina”, for the construction of the cottage village on the mountain cross, scenic views and on the White sea. Agreements were also signed for the construction of a hotel and restaurant in Kandalaksha yacht club, and a café in the town of Kandalaksha. In addition, the cluster plans to build a center for tourists, guest houses in the village of Zarechensk, which is on the border with Karelia.

Natural-archaeological monuments

As stressed by the Deputy Governor, the cluster of “belomore” will expand the range of cultural and educational tours to the Russian Arctic. On the territory of the white sea area is natural and archaeological monument “Petroglyphs” – a set of petroglyphs on the Islands of lake Kanozero, which are dated by IV-II millennia BC Tourists are also attracted by a stone labyrinth, Church of the assumption of the XVII century – the well-known monument of wooden architecture, a number of chapels. Here is a recreated fishing village of Pomorie – ethnographic complex in the open air “Tonya Tetrina”.

On the site of the new cluster also hosts the international festival of folklore in the Terek region, Pomor rowing regatta and Kandalaksha sea regatta, the festival of Pomor kozuli, the Day of the Pomor village Varzuga.

The construction of an overpass

The regional government has proposed to include the project “the white sea” in the new Federal program on development of tourism and has requested allocate Federal funds for the construction of a new bridge viaduct – the viaduct over which runs the railway.

Today the railroad divides the bar into two parts, to go in the Terek district, for future tourist facilities, only under the current overpass, which passes under the railway and provides normal bandwidth. Reconstruction of the overpass, as shown by surveys, is impossible. Therefore, the regional authorities are asked to allocate Federal funds for the construction of a new bridge overpass over the railroad, said the Deputy Governor.

“The new viaduct is estimated at 350 million rubles, 273 ask to allocate from the Federal budget, missing 77 million rubles is ready to allocate from the regional budget. Cluster “belomore” we create and continue to create, but the problem with the underpass area will not be able to solve on their own. Following the presentation of the investment project “the white sea” in Moscow, we asked him to elaborate, so he could go into the Federal program,” said Nikora.

Authorities hope that thanks to the project “the white sea” and the new tourist facilities by 2024, the flow of tourists to the area will increase three times, to 30 thousand people a year. In General, in the region in 2025 is projected to increase tourist arrivals by 20% to almost 370 thousand people.
The Murmansk region continues to participate in the current Federal target program “Development of tourism in RF (2011-2018)” with the project of creation tourist and recreational cluster “Khibiny”, said the Deputy Governor. It is the largest ski resort region.

“Almost all of the projects in the “Khibiny”, which are defined in the investment agreements implemented. The project is executed in whole of 94.5%. By the end of this year there is commissioning of one hotel. From the Federal budget for this project was allocated 77 million rubles – for the reconstruction of motor transport interchange at the entrance to Kirovsk”, – said Nikora.