EKATERINBURG, April 20. /TASS/. Sverdlovsk region authorities have allowed tourists to travel to the Dyatlov pass on the ATVs and snowmobiles. Previously, the ban on the movement of transport on the territory of the urban region of the reserve, which is a pass, informs Department of information policy of the Governor of the region.

“The regional authorities have given permission to the tourists to travel by mechanized vehicles – ATVs and snowmobiles – the Dyatlov pass is located on the territory of the urban region of the reserve. Amendments to the government decree on specially protected natural areas of regional significance “Landscape reserve “Ivdel”. Until now, the Ministry of natural resources and ecology of the Sverdlovsk region informed tourists applying to travel to the pass, banning the movement on the reserve vehicles and on administrative responsibility for the offense,” – said in the message .

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It also notes that the flow of tourists from Russia and from abroad in the reserve has increased tenfold, resulting in frequent cases of violations of its protection. “Therefore the regional authorities decided to allow the movement of mechanized vehicles on a single route “To the Dyatlov pass,” which takes place within the boundaries of existing roads and trails and does not require felling of forest plantations. In the future it is planned the construction and development of this route”, – specified in the message of Department.

The Dyatlov pass more than one year attracts tourists and researchers from all over the world, risking their lives, trying to unravel the mystery “of Dyatlova” or to test their strength. In February 2016 at the pass was found dead a native of Perm Krai, who single-handedly went to the Buddhist monastery. A month earlier there was found the body of 47-year-old resident of the Chelyabinsk region, the native of Kazakhstan, which, according to some, lived a long time in the area of the Dyatlov pass alone.

Over the summer period last year, rescuers four times had to look for a lost pass tourists and carry out rescue operations to evacuate those who could not independently complete the hike.

About the Dyatlov pass

The Dyatlov pass called the place of death of tourists in February 1959 in the Northern Urals in the vicinity of the mountain Otorten (translated from Mansi – “mountain dead”). The group consisted of skiers tourist club Ural Polytechnic Institute of Sverdlovsk – five students, three engineers, and instructor of the camp site. The head of the group was Igor Dyatlov.

14 Sep 2016
News Of The Urals

Researchers death of tourists Dyatlov published a book “secrets of the pass”

When tourists are not out on bond and the deadline for their return, organized the search. Dead bodies found in different places far from the tent. According to the official forensic medical examination, most of the tourists froze. However, some were found to have severe injuries that caused the death.

Practiced different versions of the accident: collapse of snow on the tent, the attack escaped prisoners, death at the hands of indigenous people, the Mansi, the quarrel between the tourists, the avalanche, the explosion flying over the pass of the missile, and others.