The power of the popular resort of Budva in Montenegro proposed to impose fines from 500 to 700 euros for disturbing public order, according to radio Budva.

“The municipality was thinking about the imposition of fines for violations of public order on the example of neighbouring countries where such a measure has long existed. So, men walk without shirts a fine of 500 euros, walking around town in a swimsuit is punishable by a fine of 600 euros. For food and drinking beverages in public places charge 700 euros,” the radio station.

In addition to fines for improper appearance of tourists might restrict in other aspects – in particular, to tighten the requirements for Parking, acceptable music volume, drying clothes and rubbish dumping.

“The draft will last two months. Then he a long time will be open to public hearings, all interested parties can make their proposals,” – said radio Budva.