The experts guide to hotels Wellness Heaven interviewed nearly 1160 European hoteliers and find out what things the hotel guests most often take with you. It turned out that the most expensive things to steal guests the most luxury hotels.

“The vast majority of guests take towels and bathrobes – 77,5 and 65.1% respectively”, – the newspaper writes.

It says that tourists often take hanger (49,3%), pens (39,1%), Cutlery (33,6%) and cosmetics (32.8 per cent). Hoteliers have noted the interest of the travellers to the battery (22%), artwork (20,2%), blankets and pillows -15,6 and 14.3%, respectively. Eleventh place went to dishes (12.7 per cent).

In addition, 12% of respondents said that guests in hotels are stealing the tablets, 9.1% had noticed the loss of the TV remote. Hairdryers were stolen from a room in 8.4% of respondents, and the bulb – 7,3%. Guests managed to take out of the hotels equipment (6.9 percent), television (6.1 percent), telephones (4,8%) and table or floor lamps (4.3 per cent).

“In addition to these seemingly ordinary theft, there are a number of impressive, when the guests were carried out of the hotels for the most obvious of stealing things,” says the guide.

According to the survey, among the most bizarre thefts in the hotels the respondents, bathroom faucets, a Grand piano, a stereo, a room with a door, a stuffed wild boar, table service and flowers.

Says Wellness Heaven when grouped offenders according to nationality, it turns out that the Germans often steal bathrobes, towels and cosmetics. The Austrians in this respect more elaborate: they have the utensils and the coffee maker. “Italians prefer to take the glasses, and the Swiss – Hairdryer. The French became the leaders in the theft of a TV remote, and the Dutch are stealing light bulbs and toilet paper”.

Intelligence guide noted that in five-star hotels, guests are stealing more expensive things than the hotels of other categories. The study surveyed 634 of the owner of the hotels 4* and 523 of the owner of five-star hotels.

“For example, the probability that the TV will be stolen from the hotel room 5* 9 times higher than in four. Also 5.5 times greater likelihood of theft of works of art and tablets, and coffee makers – in 5.3 times. Guests of the hotels of category 4* is much more modest: they content themselves with towels, hangers, remote controls and batteries,” made in Wellness Heaven.

The survey was conducted in September and October 2019.