In the first quarter of 2017, the Ukrainian authorities have completely exhausted the duty-free quotas for the importation of goods of the main categories in the European Union.

This was reported on the website of the Ukrainian club of agrarian business, reports, “Russian conversation”.

It is noted that this year Ukraine will not be able to supply Europe with flour, cereals, corn, sugar, honey, and various types of juices.

In addition, significantly limited the possibility for duty-free delivery of other types of goods. For example, in the processed tomato quota used by 96 percent and that of wheat by 84%.

It is also reported that a similar situation was and last year. The EU refused to increase the size of the quota for Kyiv to support their own producers.

Earlier it was reported that Ukraine expects “a financial catastrophe”. This was told in the National Bank .

It was also noted that in Ukraine intend to introduce sanctions against Russian Sberbank.