Donald trump stirred up the entire continent

The crisis in Latin America is escalating.

Conflict and unrest continue in Venezuela for a long time. The country’s President Nicholas Maduro is an authoritarian ruler who has now decided to rewrite the Constitution for themselves.

The flames recently fanned by the US President Donald trump. He said that in respect of Venezuela there are many possibilities, including “war if necessary”. However, he did not explain what it meant.

After the Declaration of the trump teamed up against him even the most ardent opponents of Maduro in the region.

Whether to wait for US military intervention in Latin America, understood the .

The Reaction Of Venezuela

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro announced the holding of military exercises in the country on 26 and 27 August in response to “imperialist” statements by the President of the United States Donald trump about a possible military intervention in the situation in the country on the background of protracted economic and political crisis.

“Venezuela will not be intimidated, Mr. trump,” assured Maduro, calling the statement of the leader of the United States ‘aggressive’.

At the same time, the head of Venezuela clarified that it still intends to hold a phone conversation with trump.

The Minister of foreign Affairs of Venezuela, Jorge Arreaza called trump’s words an attack on the country’s sovereignty and a violation of international law and the UN Charter.


In the United States will not back down

Vice-President Mike Pence told reporters in the Colombian city of Cartagena that the U.S. uses all its economic and diplomatic power, in Venezuela, democracy was restored.

“The President (Donald) trump has made it clear that we are not going to wait until Venezuela collapses into dictatorship,” said Pence.

Pence has called Venezuela a “failed state”. In his words, it “threatens the security and prosperity of our hemisphere and the people of the United States of America.”

In turn, the Director of the CIA Mike Pompeo said that Venezuela could become a “risk” to the United States if the chaos will continue to lead this South American country.

Pompeo also expressed the view that the President trump was just trying to give the people of Venezuela hope, when it voiced the idea that the US will take military action after conviction of Venezuelan leader Nicolas Maduro for human rights violations and appeal to him to hold “free and fair elections”.

Latin America teams up

President Nicolas Maduro of Venezuela has long been a pariah among Latin American leaders. But the threat of the President of trump to use American armed forces against the government of Maduro have joined these leaders in the other direction: demanding that the United States stayed out of Affairs in the region .

“The possibility of military intervention should not even be considered,” said Juan Manuel Santos, President of Colombia. “America is a peaceful continent. It is a land of peace.”

Peru, a country that was one of the harshest critics of Maduro, led the resistance to the threat of a trump, declaring that it is contrary to the principles of the United Nations. Mexico acceded to this criticism with its own statement.

In addition, a regional Alliance MERCOSUR stated that it rejects the use of force against Venezuela, despite the suspension of the membership of this country for an indefinite period amid international condemnation of the Almighty, a new Constitutional Assembly Maduro.

Military Of Venezuela

A long-standing crisis

The chaos that overtook the biggest oil power in the region, threatens to distabizirovat the situation in all of Latin America. The main causes for concern are the increasing flow of refugees from Venezuela and drug trafficking. In recent years, Venezuela has become a transit point of all South American drug. This is the first serious crisis facing a new balance of power established as a result of the latest series of elections, which ousted from power the most important allies of chavismo in Argentina and Brazil led to the isolation of the Venezuelan regime, that trust remains exclusively on Cuba.

One of the most pressing issues — immigration. The humanitarian crisis in Venezuela has reached unprecedented levels. The shortage of food and medicines makes life unbearable in a country where inflation rose to astronomical proportions. Exodus cannot be stopped. In 2016 in Colombia came 370 of thousands of Venezuelans, which is 15% more than in the previous year, although it is difficult to estimate how many of them decided to stay in this country and how they got there. The number of asylum seekers also increased dramatically. According to the office of the UN high Commissioner for refugees (UNHCR), most of the petitions received United States (18 300), followed by Brazil (12 960), Peru (4 453), Spain (4 300) and Mexico (1 044).

The constituent Assembly, which began in the days of his job, stripped of office elected in 2015, the Parliament in which the majority belonged to the opposition. Opponents of chavismo stated that it would not recognise the new institution. A new authority does not recognize and the international community, but the government of Maduro, it seems, is not going to back down.

In the chaos, criminal gangs are becoming a tremendous force.

So it is offensive?

Current trends indicate that US military intervention in Venezuela is unlikely, says political analyst on international Affairs Anton kuchukhidze.

“Even the statement of the President of trump expressed no purposeful plan for the conduct of hostilities in this country, and only mentioned the possibility, in principle, such a scenario, however, it was stated that the US has many other mechanisms to influence the internal processes in this country,” – said the expert comments Корреспондент.net.

Us policy will focus on the strengthening of sanctions against Venezuela, including through cooperation with regional players, believes Kuchukhidze.

“Do not forget that the essence of pre-election rhetoric, Mr. trump was to ensure that the United States will seek a new large military engagement, the whole emphasis will be on internal development of the States first, and then we saw the new White house hot in every international conflict builds partnerships with stakeholders on solving problems, rather than impose a unilateral military scenario”, – the expert believes.

At the same time, journalist Oleg Yasinsky sure that the risk of a US invasion to Venezuela during the administration of trump is absolutely real. “Obviously, the goal is not the government of Maduro and Venezuelan oil. In the case of the success of this project to power in Venezuela came to be the radical right that would have triggered or civil war or mass terror of the authorities against the population, at least half of which is a supporter of the ideas of the Bolivarian revolution,” says Jasinski.

In his opinion, now for Venezuela is a very likely scenario of Grenada: “to provoke an internal crisis and split in the government, followed by the landing of troops “to rescue US citizens”… the situation remains extremely tense”.