Prohibitions on the Trinity


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Ukraine news: Tomorrow, may 27, Orthodox Christians celebrate Trinity.

The Trinity is celebrated 50 days after Easter, so the second title in the Orthodox Church this day – Pentecost. And because of the custom of decorating the Church and homes with grass and branches holiday in Ukraine is called the Green Sunday.

The Trinity, as in any other big religious holiday are not permitted to work. Of course, to cook, to prepare a festive table, feed the Pets. But to remove, to do needlework, work on the land and even to get a haircut this day. It is also forbidden to sew, to wash, to spin and to weave, to cut. Allowed to decorate the house with herbs and branches of trees that are cut the day before and consecrated during a service at the Church.

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There is a vulgar belief that the Trinity is forbidden to swim, and some do not recommend even to take a shower that day. The root of this prohibition lies in antiquity. It stems from the fact that in these first days of summer in Russia recalled drowned, it was believed that those who died in the water these days are active, like mermaids, and you can drag on the bottom. Of course, this does not relate to the Christian understanding of the holiday, so no reason to ban swimming at Trinity, no. The only condition is that the trip to this day on the beach did not prevent the temple.

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Wedding at the Trinity, and all the twelve feasts of the Orthodox Church, are not held. It is believed that in this case, a young family will find trouble in marriage there will always be someone the third, and clearly unnecessary. But to propose and to conclude the engagement in this day, on the contrary, a good omen. Wedding planning on a Cover in the fall, and this should serve as a pledge of strong family Union.

For the Trinity to baptize the children for the sacrament of Baptism the prohibition not.

This day is not welcome and gluttony. Of course, the holiday is not complete without a meal, but try to know the measure in eating and to remember the deep spiritual meaning of the event.

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It was believed that the Trinity is impossible to cut trees and chop wood. The Slavs believed that the Trinity Wake up and Mavka mermaid, so it is not recommended to walk in the woods or on the river alone. For this reason, in the woods and on the river it was impossible to display livestock.