Robert O’brien
Photo from open sources

Assistant to the President for national security Robert O’brien denies the possibility of accepting Ukraine into NATO in the near future, due to the presence of conflict with Russia. About this O’brien said at a forum on international security in Halifax, reports TASS.

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“As for Ukraine and NATO, I do not think that it (Ukraine’s accession to the Alliance – ed.) is now on the agenda. I do not think that NATO as a whole would be attractive to accept Ukraine and to come into direct conflict with Russia”, – said O’brien on the question, isn’t it time to grant Ukraine membership in NATO.

He added that the West does not want conflict with Russia and the idea of the Alliance is to prevent and deter a war with Russia.

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Words are also quoted on his Twitter page one of the forum participants, President of the Canadian international Council Ben Rowswell.

Halifax Forum founder @PeterMacKay asks US National Security Advisor Robert O’brien if there is a path to #Ukraine coming closer into the NATO orbit #HISF2019 O’brien’s answer: Russia wouldn’t like that