Photo: USA Today/Reuters

The match of the National football League watched on TV about 100 million Americans.

In Miami gardens hosted the final match of the National football League USA. “Kansas city Chiefs” beat it “San Francisco forty Niners” and won the championship for the first time since 1970, according to “Radio Liberty”.

According to preliminary estimates, the match looked on TV nearly 100 million Americans. This is the worst result for the last 11 years for the finale of the NFL. But the other best show on television last year broadcast of “Oscar” was able to collect only 29.6 million viewers, notes the Los Angeles Times.

Such ratings make the finals most valuable platform for television advertising. This year the cost of a 30-second commercial in the broadcast amounted to 5.6 million dollars.

Advertising were two candidates for President of the United States. Live in the final, placed two billionaire — incumbent Donald trump and former new York mayor Michael Bloomberg, claiming the nomination from the Democratic party.

60 seconds video Bloomberg told the story of Calandria Kemp, resident of Texas, whose son was shot and killed. In the video she claims that the gun lobby may be afraid of Blumberg, who for many years committed to greater control over the sale of weapons.

One of the rollers trump talked about Alice Johnson — 64-year-old American from Tennessee, was sentenced to life imprisonment, and liberated by, the President signed the law softening of punishment for non-violent crimes.

Each of the candidates spent on advertising in the final approximately $ 10 million.