Trump called the US a beacon of freedom, prosperity and possibilities

In recent months, the American people undoubtedly have experienced many trials, the message says.

To celebrate the 244-th anniversary of the independence Day of USA President Donald trump addressed the nation, stressing that the United States remains a model of observance of the freedoms and opportunities for people. The text of the President’s address published on the White house website.

“Our founding fathers began the American experiment, who defended freedom and democracy against tyranny and monarchy. Through 244 years, the principles outlined in the Declaration of independence, continue to guide our nation forward and to keep its credibility the beacon of freedom, prosperity and opportunity for all,” – said trump.

In this regard, he stressed that during the last months “the American spirit, no doubt, went through the trials of many challenges.” And despite all the troubles, the United States has experienced several magnificent moments of triumph, the President said.

“Together we must ensure that adhere to the ideals of our Declaration of independence and do everything possible to protect and preserve the freedoms that make our country the greatest in the world”, – said the President of the United States.

“The first lady and I wish every American a happy and blessed 4th of July and proudly join you in the celebration of the birthday of our great country. May the Lord bless the United States of America!” – finished in a message to trump.

Previously, the government of the most populous County in the state of Florida imposed a curfew on the eve of the weekend in the independence Day, celebrated on Saturday, July 4.

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