The US President Donald trump on 20 July at a meeting with senior representatives of national security structures of the country expressed a desire to increase the U.S. nuclear Arsenal 10 times, said Wednesday, NBC News, citing sources who attended the meeting.

According to them, D. trump made this statement when commenting on a slide with a table depicting the steady decline in the number of nuclear weapons in the United States.

The sources told the channel that the comment of the President surprised those present at the meeting of representatives of the joint chiefs of staff and U.S. Secretary of state Rex Tillerson.

According to information provided by sources to NBC News, then at the meeting, the officials briefly explained the President of the legal and practical difficulties that may lead to the build up of the nuclear Arsenal. They also explained to D. Trump that today the United States has more military power than in the past, when the country had a broader nuclear Arsenal.

Sources NBC News explained that the outcome of this meeting, some administration officials are allegedly heard the Secretary of state Rex W. Tillerson called D. trump’s “the jerk.”

Earlier NBC News reported that Rex W. Tillerson once called the U.S. President a moron. D. trump, in turn, in interview to the magazine “Forbes” said that his IQ (IQ) higher than that of R. Tillerson, commenting on the information channel. Also D. trump said that the proposal to compare his IQ with an IQ R. Tillerson is not directed against the head of the American foreign Ministry. “I haven’t attacked anyone. I don’t believe in such attacks,” – said D. trump in response to a reporter’s question.

The White house statement D. trump called a joke.