Iranian boats pursue a military ship USA

US forces will open fire on the Iranian boats approaching us ships.

The US President Donald trump said that the country’s armed forces will open fire on Iranian military boats coming into dangerous proximity to the American ships. He said this at a briefing at the White house on April 22, reports TASS.

“Iran is a threat. We need to break them down into the water. We don’t want their military boats surrounded our ship, swam around our boats and have fun. We don’t want them anywhere near our ships,” − said the President of the United States.

Trump noted that such actions by Iran are endangering American sailors.

“I’m not going to let that happen,” he said.

Earlier, trump announced on Twitter that instructed the US Navy to destroy any Iranian boats that creates obstacles to American courts.

We remind that on 15 April, the press service of the Fifth fleet of the U.S. Navy said that the military boats of the IRGC has made dangerous maneuvers close to several American warships in the Persian Gulf. The report said that some Iranian ships were approaching vessels at a distance up to nine meters.

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