The US President Donald trump on Monday will deliver a statement of national security strategy, the White house said.

According to the report, the strategy will include exposition of the views of the administration on four pillars of activity in terms of protecting national interests: protection of the population, increase of level of prosperity, “peace from a position of strength” and expanding spheres of influence of the United States.

As write the American mass media (mass media), the basis of the document will be based on a campaign slogan of D. trump’s “America above all”.

This work was started in March, noted by the media. In his project, consisting of 70 pages, will focus on the increasing power of the United States in the world in military and economic fields . As stated last week, the President’s adviser on national security Herbert McMaster, the strategy will include addressing the threats from China and Russia, as well as the nuclear threat from North Korea.

Media noted that D. trump is seriously criticized for the fact that the United States on the world stage in economic and diplomatic fields, inferior to Russia and China, and also for the fact that in recent years have greatly strained relations between Washington and Tehran, Pyongyang and its European allies.

In the strategy think the media will reflect U.S. success in the fight against terrorism in the middle East, the importance of countering the expansion of influence of Russia and Iran in the region.