United States secret service, one of the primary responsibilities which is safeguarding the President and his family, said the theft of a laptop from one of its employees in new York.

The computer was classified information on the floor layout “of trump Tower” and also kept the materials by correspondence of the new owner of the White house with Hillary Clinton. About it reports a press-Department service, transfers “Russian conversation”.

In his address, the Secret service urged U.S. citizens to help in search of a stolen electronic device. The report stresses that information on the laptop is a high importance from the point of view of national security. It should be noted that employees of this Agency are prohibited from storing sensitive information on their laptops .

Earlier, the press Secretary of the White house Sean Spicer has accused the British intelligence services in helping Barack Obama in the surveillance of Donald trump. Then he had to apologize to representatives Theresa may. The representatives of GCHQ has called such accusations “ridiculous”.